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More Than Salt Non-Toxic
See what makes Arctic Traction a unique winter traction aid

Create a Safer Walkway!

Melt Ice AND Produce Traction.

Effective Snow & Ice Melt

Black Ice Fighting Traction Granules

Dramatically Reduces Refreezing

Non-Toxic to Pets

All-Natural Formula Protects Plants & Lawns

Embedded Traction at Any Temperature



Black Ice Fighter

Arctic Traction is a unique winter traction aid that breaks down snow and ice while absorbing the melted water before it can re-freeze. The all natural formula is non-toxic and contains only 1/3 salt by volume.


Disperse your Arctic Traction onto slippery grounds and watch the
Non-Toxic, All-Natural Salt quickly break down ice and snow.


Our strong formula immediately goes to work, rapidly reducing ice and snow to nothing more than a puddle.


Watch as the Traction Granules embed and mix within the ice to create a safe, non-slip surface for your Home and Pro needs.


The final step in Arctic Traction revolution: sweep residue directly onto your lawn without concern for killing off plant and grass.

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